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EPD Watershed Protection Branch Email Subscription

July 23, 2020 - 03:13:04 PM
The Watershed Protection Branch has created three new email subscription topics to enable the public to receive email notifications when announcements are posted to the Branch’s public announcements website (

The email subscription topics are managed by the GovDelivery system, with subscribers being able to manage their own subscriptions and preferences (signing up for topics, removing themselves from topics, changing subscription topics, and managing subscriber preferences). Links for subscribing are posted on the public announcements website. Questions may be sent to

The three new Watershed Protection Branch email subscription topics include:

Watershed Protection Branch – Permit-related Notices1
• This list will provide email notification to subscribers regarding permit-related public notices posted to EPD’s website on: NPDES wastewater, NPDES stormwater, land application systems, water withdrawals, pretreatment, State Environmental Review Process reviews of GEFA-funded projects, and permit-related public meetings or hearings.

Watershed Protection Branch – State Water Buffer Variance Notices
• This list will provide email notification to subscribers regarding public notices posted to EPD’s website on requests for state water buffer variances and coastal marshland buffer variances under the Georgia Erosion and Sedimentation Act.

Watershed Protection Branch – Water Quality, TMDLs and Grants
• This list will provide email notification to subscribers regarding notifications posted to EPD’s website on water quality standards (including Triennial Review), assessment of state waters (requests for data and Georgia’s 305(b)/303(d) Integrated Reports), Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), public meetings or hearings related to those topics, and grant opportunities.
Once registered, users will receive email messages from a GovDelivery account when public announcements are made related to the selected topics. The email messages are delivered from an email account ending in “”, so subscribers should ensure that the messages are not going into their junk folders or being filtered out by their email system. The GovDelivery system enables subscribers to select “Subscriber Preferences,” including the frequency with which updates are delivered to them (under the “Email Delivery Preference” section of the Subscriber Preferences). This option should default to immediate delivery (vs. weekly delivery) during sign up, but subscribers should verify this selection during sign-up to ensure timely delivery of email notifications.

1 This email subscription topic was created in part to address changes in federal rules relating to electronic public notice procedures, which have now been incorporated into Georgia’s Rules for Water Quality Control, Chapter 391-3-6, through rule amendments adopted by the DNR Board on April 28, 2020. More information about these rule amendments, which are currently still subject to EPA review and approval, is available here:

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