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COVID-19 Mask Request

May 1, 2020 - 09:37:45 AM

Dear Water Sector Personnel,
A working group, consisting of GRWA, GAWP, GAWWA and GA WARN, has been coordinating with FEMA and the U.S. EPA to provide PPE to critical infrastructure sectors. FEMA has allocated a certain amount of reusable cloth masks to provide to the Water and Wastewater Sector in our State. FEMA and EPA have chosen GA WARN to manage the distribution of the masks.
GA WARN has identified 13 different water utilities throughout the state to be the Points of Distribution (POD) of the masks. (See form for POD locations) FEMA will ship the masks directly to these PODs so the mask can be further distributed to water utilities in a regional like manner.
Requirement to receive masks

  • Must be a Georgia Water or Wastewater Utility. ALL utilities can request masks including public, private, tribal, etc.
  • Masks will be provided on a first come first serve basis
  • Masks will be provided to utilities based on the number of front-line employees reporting to work at this time, i.e. utilities should not request masks for employees sheltering at home, 2 per employee reporting to work
  • Must fill out request form completely and send to appropriate pick up location (see form for emails)
  • Must coordinate pick up prior to arriving onsite. Pick up must be conducted following the protocols that the distributing utility provides to maintain safety for all employees involved with transaction 
  • To request PPE, please fill out the attached request form:

Due to the uncertain nature of when these masks will be arriving and how many Georgia will receive, we suggest that you not cancel any current resource requests for masks or other PPE via your Local County Emergency Management Office (EMA) or outside vendors. To request PPE via your Local County EMA, please contact them directly and they will assist you with entering a request to the State Emergency Management Agency (GEMA/HS) SOC for allocation. Please make sure that you document and maintain records of your utilities needs and resources that you have requested and received.

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