Weather Related Assistance

Public Water System owners/operators:

Please be aware that public water systems (and wastewater systems) may be significantly impacted by the snow and ice later today and tomorrow. State emergency operations center is in operation. The attached documents describes the following:

IAP / SITREP: The state incident action plan and situational report includes a map of anticipated snow and ice accumulations. We anticipate more snow and ice arriving later tonight and into Wednesday.

BOIL WATER NOTICE: If your water system loses pressure in the distribution lines, boil water advisory information is attached.

FROZEN WATER PIPES: If your customers report frozen water pipes, the attached guidance may be helpful.

Check with your county Emergency Management Agency personnel for updates in your locality.

Water Sector Members:

GEMA is asking our members as well as our partner organizations to take an inventory of onsite generators, especially any generators that could be offered for deployment in an emergency situation. The Generator Site Profile form is attached and it would be most appreciated if you could complete and return that form. Be prepared to fill it out if your generator fails at your facility and you need assistance. It’s imperative that GAWARN and the SOC staff get the correct information when requesting power generation during ice events and extended durations of power outage. Please use the attached Generator site profile form to send us information on your generators.